Offer our clients
“freight forwarder 2.0” services

Break with tradition,

Uberise the system,

Ensure that the performance levels of our clients’ supply chain services
are aligned with the market’s best practices and that the means are sufficiently flexible and adaptable.


Who is Albatross
Consulting for?

We’re for business leaders, CEOs, and financial directors seeking a fresh perspective and an innovative vision of their current organisation in terms of international flow management.

The supply chain is becoming an increasingly strategic issue for enterprises.

Responsible for flow management, its impact on client service is considerable and the coordinating role it plays in other functions in the enterprise (Purchasing, Production, Commerce, Finance, Marketing) is a key.

This strategic position translates into major operational challenges:

  • Quality control of client service
  • Reduction of stock levels
  • Control of upstream, internal, and downstream logistic costs

Our values


Our teams are dedicated and motivated to improving existing processes and to optimising them with our clients.

Team spirit

We’re convinced that the best performances are always achieved through teamwork.
We bring our professional skills to our clients to obtain results together.


We seek to provide the best possible services, which requires a high level of performance, continuous amelioration, as well as remarkable efficiency. We direct by example to attain our objectives and we use every means necessary to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Results-oriented culture

We love the business we’re in and we value all those who do what we do.